1. This week’s cover features a haunting image from local film Agophobia — one of the hundreds of flicks playing at the Calgary International Film Festival. To read our in-depth coverage, go here.


  2. Go here to read our interview with Don McKellar about his new comedy The Grand Seduction.


  3. Nicole Brunel’s Mac DeMarco illustration for our December 13, 2012 cover story is now a t-shirt available from Mac’s record label, Captured Tracks


    Get your Mac Demarco merch with my illustration on it if you like that sort of thing



  4. The World’s End opens tonight. Before you check it out, read our interview with the film’s own Edgar Wright and Nick Frost here.

    (Alex Pardee movie poster via io9)


  5. A peak behind the scenes of Misha Frolov's process for the cover of last week's issue. Read the story on Souls of Mischief here.


  6. Music and Film editor Josiah Hughes, post-pie.
    Listings Editor Kari Watson.

    This week’s cover for the comedy issue, along with some shots that didn’t make it. 


  7. This week’s Video Vulture takes a look at Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan, a wildly violent sex drama. Read all about it here.


  8. Calgary artists Eric Moschopedis and Mia Rushton asked a handful of other local artists to take a look at the city’s history in search of art-related activities done by non-artists. The result is Knock on Any Door, a book full of examples of social engagement through creative thinking. Find out more here.


  9. CUFF’s Rooftop Screening Series returns to the Oak Tree Tavern, offering up camp-themed films on the patio every Monday night. Tonight’s offering? The ridiculous comedy Wet Hot American Summer. Read about the film series here.


  10. The Lesser Blessed works to rectify the lack of First Nations voices in cinema. The film boasts a solid cast and excellent visuals, but lacks depth when it comes to plot. Read our review here.